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Mobile Bank PRESTIBANK's armoured prefabricated are composed of modular monobloc modules that can be added to reach an exploitable surface ranging between 50 and more than 400 squared meters and accommodating 5 to 50 workspaces. Internal disposition are customizable to personal necessities.

Please do not hesitate to email or call us for further details.


  • Complete mechanical and electrical system
  • 400 lux lightning system
  • Anti-intrusion alarm system with switchboard, alarms, volumetric and sensors
  • CCTV installation with cameras and digital video recorder using USB technology
  • Heating/air conditioning System with forced air turnover heating pump
  • 2° emergency heating/air conditioning System with identical heating pump power
  • Roof air extractor Woods DPS unit
  • Category 5e of data transmission with Rack
  • Self-managed Compass with Ceia metal detector and electromagnet management of emergency exit door
  • Compartment housing ATM and night safe.
  • 700 kg. Lips Vago Safe coherent with European legislation (level 2)
  • Sign with customer's logo illuminated by indirect lighting with automatic ignition at twilight
  • External shelter over the entrance with integrated lighting
  • External raised platform to access the bank and handicap ramp
  • Locked drawers for metal objects (located before revolving door)
  • Raised floor finish in porcelain stoneware or calcium sulphate covered with linoleum or laminate
  • Laminated wooden or perforated metal ceiling
  • Wood panelled walls
  • Toilet including sink and Wc with Sanitrit
  • Customized cashier desk workstation, open/closed space, counselling offices, executive offices, walls, cabinets, desks, drawers, ergonomic chairs (or Tecno, Frezza, Sedus etc)

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